My Photo of Nagaland got posted in Reader’s Digest India

A photo of mine got published in Reader’s Digest India.
Photo taken from last christmas 2008  in my first trip to Nagaland.
Unfortunately my name and credits was not mentioned in the magazine.

Notes :
Really inaccurate article, the photo was taken during Christmas and not during the Aoling Festival as mentioned.

‘The India You don’t know’
10 charming Destinations that reveal the real Bharat
by Sheila Sivanand
Reader’s Digest India April 2009 Issue

The PDF copy of Reader’s Digest article of my photo in Nagaland
Readers Digest April 2009 of Nagaland

Readers Digest April 2009 of Nagaland


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5 responses to “My Photo of Nagaland got posted in Reader’s Digest India

  1. Sheila Sivanand

    Dear May,
    To begin with, this is not a full article but just a short paragraph within a longer article, and every piece of information in it was provided by Phejin herself, who I gather hosted you and enabled your visit? Surely she would know if it was inaccurate or not? She was also happy to give me permission to use that photograph which had been her Facebook profile picture. I didn’t steal it. As someone who enjoyed her hospitality surely you could have allowed her to let a magazine publish a picture of herself with her grandfather? A picture you would not have had access to without her? Didn’t she request you to remove this complaint? Though it was years ago it crops up every time my name is googled and it makes me look unethical. If I recall rightly, RD did contact you with an apology and an offer to reimburse you for the rights. In fact there is another apology right on this page. I’m disappointed that such a fuss was made over this. Surely as Phejin’s friend you could have granted her the freedom to use her own image.
    Sheila Sivanand

  2. Haven’t you sued them yet? The least they can do is give credit where credit is due.


  3. Mohan Sivanand

    Somebody sent me this blog. You say that your name and credit were not published in the magazine. Sorry about that. The picture was given to us by Phejin, so we presumed that it belonged to her family. My apologies. Will you please send me your phone number to:

    Mohan Sivanand
    Editor Reader’s Digest India

  4. Such a shame they didn’t mention your name in the magazine. And it happens so often.

    Great pic by the way!

  5. Dearest May,

    This is beautiful. But I am disappointed by India Readers digest for not adding your details. They should mention this at least.

    Baby, I am proud of your travel Lust :-)


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